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Changing oneself in adulthood can be a difficult task, particularly in the domains of life where we have experienced repeated attempts and failures at self-change. Most of us try to implement a new set of behaviours through will-power, yet behaviour is only one part of a larger self-system which includes wants, body/past, emotions, and thoughts, all of which can resist movement and growth.  All aspects of the self, though intricately linked, have their own mechanisms of change, and for the whole ‘self’ to change, it requires moving all the parts together.  These laws of self-change hold whether you trying to make a change in your personal life, or change a cultural dynamic of your team or organization. 



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  • Join a 12 person workshop for full day of catalyzing self-change.

  • A flexible online program combining webinars and practice.

  • Interventions built for teams and organizations.

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